Movie Review: Clown works better as a fake Eli Roth trailer than a real movie

From YouTube upload to mega-budget superhero movie: That’s the unlikely career arc of writer-director Jon Watts. Before he made his Sundance breakthrough with last year’s Cop Car, and much before he scored the plum gig of helming the next Spider-Man, Watts collaborated with some NYU film-school buddies on a fake trailer for a fake movie about a man who begins transforming into a carnivorous clown. The cheeky final touch: falsely attributing the project to “master of horror Eli Roth.” Long story short, the clip got tons of views and caught Roth’s attention; impressed by their ingenuity and gall, the Hostel director helped Watts and company make the film for real. After two years in distribution limbo, Clown is finally arriving in U.S. theaters and on iTunes. But while Watts deserves some credit for treating a totally ridiculous premise with a straight face, his grisly first feature …

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