Movie Review: Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman are the Last Knights of this humorless slog

The heroes of Last Knights live by an ancient warrior’s code, which is another way of saying that they’re sullen, humorless lugs. As these traits are right in Clive Owen’s wheelhouse, he gives a credible performance; his Commander Raiden (no relation to the triangle-hatted Mortal Kombat combatant) trudges through his paces with exactly the right sense of weary nobility. But while Raiden has good reasons to feel ground down by his surroundings by the end, the viewers of Japanese director Kazuaki Kiriya’s low-budget Middle-Ages riff may end up wondering what they’ve done to deserve such a drab, punishing night at the movies.

Last Knights embraces clichés like an old friend: It casts Morgan Freeman, for God’s sake, as a wise old leader named Bartok (no relation to the atonal Hungarian composer) with a sense of justice and a fondness for long leisurely speeches. In …

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