Movie Review: Charlize Theron stabs and struts her way through the dumb, retro-cool Atomic Blonde

Looking like a cross between Debbie Harry and a Nagel print, Charlize Theron struts her way through the Cold War howler Atomic Blonde dressed to the proverbial nines, in white pleather raincoats, tailored herringbone wool, and a deadly pair of red stiletto heels, often caressing a cigarette between her fingers. She also gets the shit kicked out of her; it seems no female action hero has taken as many punches to the mouth and eye socket or crawled out of a fight looking worse than Theron’s Lorraine Broughton. She’s a British spy sent to West Berlin in 1989, just days before the collapse of the Berlin Wall, though the actual plot of the movie is almost indecipherable: some junk about a McGuffin, a Stasi defector nicknamed “Spyglass” (Eddie Marsan), and a double agent. But it’s not like that matters. Atomic Blonde is a meaningless fetish piece of …

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