Movie Review: Blue Ruin’s Macon Blair makes an uneven, sporadically funny directorial debut

When actors make the transition from one side of the camera to the other, they often betray the influence of those who have directed them. Clint Eastwood, for one high-profile example, started his filmmaking career with a series of movies that operated a lot like those of Dirty Harry director Don Siegel. A similar creative education, down to shared themes of vigilantism, animates I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore, the first feature written and directed by Macon Blair. Blair starred as a lamb trying to make himself into a lion in Jeremy Saulnier’s ruthless revenge drama Blue Ruin, and he also played a significant supporting role in the filmmaker’s follow-up, the somehow even more ruthless Green Room. Not surprisingly, Saulnier’s stylistic fingerprints are all over I Don’t Feel At Home, detectable on everything from the contrast-heavy cinematography to a focus on fringe-dwelling …

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