Movie Review: Being Evel profiles the 1970s’ ultimate badass

In America, sometimes all it takes to make a million damn dollars is faith in one simple idea. In the mid-1960s, Robert Craig Knievel was already wowing crowds across the Northwest with the motorcycle stunt shows that he promoted, conceived, and starred in; but to grow his business, he started looking for opportunities to get into the newspaper and onto television, convinced that people around the world would line up to watch him perform if they just knew who he was. Knievel was absolutely right. By the end of the decade, after he’d been on TV a few times, viewers clamored for more of this man who’d nicknamed himself “Evel” (changing the spelling to avoid too much of a connection with the forces of darkness). Then in the 1970s he became a legitimate superstar, scoring phenomenal ratings for his increasingly elaborate jumps, and getting ridiculously rich by licensing …

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