Movie Review: Batfleck becomes a different kind of monied ass-kicker in The Accountant

Fresh out of the cape and cowl, Ben Affleck is back in theaters to present a peculiar hypothetical: What if Batman were an autistic bookkeeper? Okay, so Christian Wolff, Affleck’s character in The Accountant, isn’t technically some Elseworlds version of Bruce Wayne. But there are definitely traces of Dark Knight DNA in the genetic makeup of this mysterious millionaire, who crunches numbers on the side for gangsters, militants, and other unsavory types. Besides his mathematical prowess—a byproduct of his developmental disorder, or so it’s strongly suggested—Christian is pretty handy with his fists, a belt, and a sniper rifle. He also argues with an unseen British handler and keeps a kind of mobile Batcave fully stocked with weapons and rare treasures (an original Pollock, Action Comics #1, etc.). Is this a way for Batfleck to stay marginally in character between DC tentpoles or are there only …

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