Movie Review: As with all trolls, it’s best to ignore The Human Centipede III

Listing the various ways in which The Human Centipede III deliberately provokes its audience by means of racial slurs, offensive stereotypes, and disgustingly detailed rape scenes only plays into director Tom Six’s clear intent to troll critics, so just take it on faith that all that is there. The gross-out gore scenes and poop jokes are there, too, as is to be expected. The direction is bad, the acting is worse, and it’s lit to mimic the soap-opera effect on a poorly calibrated HDTV. Basically, The Human Centipede III is an unsexy Ilsa movie, and it’s just as impossible to sit through as that sounds.

In keeping with Six’s love of meta self-mythologizing, the film begins with a clip from The Human Centipede II and revolves around the efforts of a prison accountant (Laurence R. Harvey, the star of the second movie) to convince his boss …

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