Movie Review: Armenian genocide saga The Cut is a sluggish ode to survival

The Armenian genocide and its aftermath are filtered through the eyes of a featureless man in The Cut, Turkish director Fatih Akin’s laborious latest. A globe-spanning saga that, despite its series of locales, fails to achieve anything like an epic scope, the Head-On director’s film concerns Nazaret (A Prophet and The Past‘s Tahar Rahim), an Armenian blacksmith in 1912 who is taken from his Turkish hometown of Mardin by the Ottoman army and enlisted as a forced laborer. Soon afterward, he miraculously cheats death when a nervous executioner gives him a stab wound in the neck that doesn’t kill him but does rob him of his voice. Now mute, Nazaret wanders the desert. He shuffles into a refugee camp full of starving Armenians (including his dying sister-in-law, who tells Nazaret that his wife and daughters are dead before asking to be put out of her own …

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