Movie Review: Area 51 offers a close encounter of the very familiar kind

In Area 51, three intrepid dude bros—Reid (Reid Warner), Darrin (Darrin Bragg), and Ethan (Ben Rovner)—hatch a scheme to break into the most secretive military base in the country, the one in Nevada that every self-respecting UFO nut has circled in red pen on their wall map. It’s a job better suited to Tom Cruise, or maybe to a treasure-hunting Nicolas Cage, but at least the boys come prepared. Culling together a list of the base’s extensive security provisions (oh, the things you can find on the web these days), our heroes load up their trunk with thermal goggles, hazmat suits, an electronic signal-jammer, and other pieces of equipment one might assume were out of the price range of twentysomething office drones. They’ve also got a hand-drawn map of the facilities, the badge and fingerprints of an employee, and, of course, a couple of trusty …

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