Movie Review: Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza, and Kate Micucci pass The Little Hours in this medieval farce

One of the first things Aubrey Plaza says in The Little Hours is “Don’t fucking talk to us.” This is not surprising in and of itself: Hostility is maybe the trustiest weapon in the actor’s arsenal, and she’s got withering belligerence down to a science. (The sentiment, if not the language, has been lobbed at Jerry/Larry/Gerry Girgich many a time.) But the line does sound a little strange when you consider that Plaza, decked head to toe in traditional black habits, is playing a nun. And not just any nun, mind you, but a nun of 14th-century Italy, at least a good century before anyone was throwing around that particular expletive. Anachronism, as it turns out, is the guiding force of this frequently funny, agreeably bawdy farce, which imagines what a convent of the grubby, violent, disease-infested Middle Ages might look and sound like if …

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