Movie Review: A naturalistic Schwarzenegger can’t save Aftermath, a drama on autopilot

In his heyday as a global movie star, Arnold Schwarzenegger usually played characters with super generic Anglo names—a Gallic shrug on the matter of onscreen credibility, since it was a given that he could only ever look and sound exactly like an Austrian-born former bodybuilder. Even in Kindergarten Cop, which for whatever reason is the only movie in which he plays an Austrian immigrant, his character’s name is John Kimble. So it’s a surprise to see the former action star, now almost 70, appear credible in a role, as he does in the tiresome Aftermath, playing a blue-collar Ukrainian immigrant named Roman Melnyk. He looks like so many barrel-chested Eastern Europeans found in the cities of America: the baggy leather coat, the leather phone holster on the belt, the tucked-in shirt faded by overwashing. And he is something close to believable. If you live in an old …

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