Movie Review: A charming romance gets menaced by giant wasps in Stung

It’s probably safe to say that a lot of tongue-in-cheek giant-creature movies released since the early ’90s have, on some level, aspired to be Tremors—to do for other mutated beasts what Ron Underwood, S.S. Wilson, and Brent Maddock did for giant worms. Say this for Stung, then: It’s probably the only monster movie that aspires to be both Tremors and the late, lamented Starz sitcom Party Down.

Stung doesn’t have Party Down‘s killer ensemble; Paul (Matt O’Leary) seems to be the only other employee of the small catering company run by Julia (Jessica Cook), limiting the Party Down antecedents to Adam Scott and Lizzy Caplan. O’Leary and Cook are no Scott and Caplan, neither as sardonic nor as empathetic. But they do share a likable, unforced chemistry—they both convey weariness with their jobs without condescending to them, or each other—that …

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