Movie Review: 90 Minutes In Heaven spends more time at McDonald’s

An entire subgenre of books offers reassurance that readers can win the spiritual lottery: Death is not the end; your friends and relatives are waiting for you; stay the faithful course. The fiscal success of last year’s adaptation of Heaven Is For Real, and the general ongoing boom in “faith-based” (read: Christian, almost certainly evangelical) films, practically guaranteed the adaptation of another best-seller in this genre: Pastor Don Piper’s 90 Minutes In Heaven. His testimony: In January of 1989, Piper collided with an 18-wheeler while driving back home from a conference in Houston. Pronounced dead at the scene, he was brought back to life through the efforts of a passer-by who prayed for him. After a long and difficult period of physical therapy, Piper began sharing his story, resulting in the sale of 7 million copies of his book and no fewer than 3,000 speaking engagements. Michael …

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