Memory Wipe: 31 years later, Girls Just Want To Have Fun is a ridiculous dance party

The internet is choked with nostalgia for the youth-oriented entertainments of the not-too-distant past. With Memory Wipe, The A.V. Club takes a look at some of our formative favorites with clearer eyes and asks that all-important question: Were they really that great to begin with?

It says something impressive and worrying when a young Helen Hunt, wearing a coonskin cap while playing a teenage Catholic schoolgirl, dragging Sarah Jessica Parker across the floor isn’t even in the top 20 weirdest things about a film. It’s practically glossed over, in fact, despite my desire to instantly stop streaming the movie and text every person I have ever met in my entire life and tell them about this. This is only the halfway point of the movie, and already, I’m not sure I can handle it all.

Then a nun hops on a pommel horse.

I haven’t …

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