Let’s Playlist: Exit music (for a video game): 11 songs worth sitting through the credits

In Let’s Playlist, the Gameological staff assembles a themed lineup of video game music and packages it in a YouTube playlist. But we’re just providing the start. It’s up to you to nominate your own candidates and fill out the list (with a YouTube link if you can find it, please). We’ll choose our favorite nominations, add them to the YouTube playlist, and present the final collaborative compilation in the Keyboard Geniuses column at the end of the week. This installment’s topic is “songs worth sitting through the credits,” memorable exit music and credits themes.

1. “Ending,” Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros. 2 introduced elements of a stage-play motif into the series, with a drawn curtain framing its character select screen. Super Mario Bros. 3 went much further. It opens with a curtain rising to reveal Mario and Luigi before the title and …

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