Keyboard Geniuses: Readers recall the short lives and goofy deaths of Dungeons & Dragons heroes

Keyboard Geniuses is our weekly glance at a few intriguing, witty, or otherwise notable posts from the Gameological discussion threads. Comments have been excerpted and edited here for grammar, length, and/or clarity. You can follow the links to see the full threads.

Brutish, Nasty, And Short

This week, our resident Dungeons & Dragons expert, Samantha Nelson, reviewed Sword Coast Legends, the latest official D&D game. It features a campaign creation mode, where digital dungeon masters can craft their own stories and challenges. Now, I’ve still never played Dungeons & Dragons, but I love hearing people tell their tales of tabletop glory and, more so, utter failure. If you’re like me, then the comments under the review were a riot. Facetaco set the stage:

Based on my sole experience playing Dungeons & Dragons, this game should consist of spending 45 minutes creating a character, dying within the first …

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