Keyboard Geniuses: Readers debate the benefits of games’ first-person perspective

Keyboard Geniuses is our weekly glance at a few intriguing, witty, or otherwise notable posts from the Gameological discussion threads. Comments have been excerpted and edited here for grammar, length, and/or clarity. You can follow the links to see the full threads.

A View To Something Other Than A Kill

This week, we published the second of two articles from the duo behind Chicago’s Video Game Art Gallery. This time around, Chaz Evans, the gallery’s director of exhibitions, covered the history of games that make use of first-person perspectives for anything but combat. In the comments, the conversation turned to the strengths and weaknesses of this more intimate view. Merve kicked things off:

I quite like first-person shooters, but I agree with Mr. Evans that the first-person perspective has so much potential to be used for purposes other than shooting. It lends itself well to exploration. When …

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