Keyboard Geniuses: How do you tackle the learning process of Bloodborne and its brethren?

Keyboard Geniuses is our weekly glance at a few intriguing, witty, or otherwise notable posts from the Gameological discussion threads. Comments have been excerpted and edited here for grammar, length, and/or clarity. You can follow the links to see the full threads.

It’s A Process

This week saw my review of Bloodborne emerge. From Software’s latest role-playing game is just as engrossing and punishing as the Souls games that came before it. They most certainly are an acquired taste, though, which, as Fluka pointed out, is kind of a shame for players looking to experience From’s approach to art and world design:

I wish I could enjoy the From Software games more. The environments and creature design are so beautiful and adept at creating a sense of palpable despair and dread. I get why the action is the way it is, and why some people would …

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