Keyboard Geniuses: Gameological readers discuss their favorite games of 2014

Last week, the Gameological staffers talked about their favorite games of the year (you can find those discussions in part one and part two of Games We Liked 2014), and we also asked to hear about yours. Lots of commenters shared their pick, and we collected a handful of those responses and compiled them here. These are the Games You Liked.

duwease—Valiant Hearts: The Great War

I liked Valiant Hearts because it had an uncommon take on a common story. The World Wars (and war in general) are well-trodden territory in gaming, yet with all those games, very little subject matter is covered—bullets, explosions, where they happened, who won, and a couple nods to the “horrors of war.” Valiant Hearts was interesting not only for being a war-set puzzler instead of a shooter, but also for tackling so many fascinating subjects in the margins: The introduction of chlorine …

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