Johnny Manziel Admits Hangover as Reason For Leaving Game

The Daily Jobard

In the Cleveland Browns’ game against the Carolina Panthers today, Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel was taken out of the game after taking a hit on a QB rush in the first quarter.

Announcers were told that Manziel would not play the rest of the game due to a strained hamstring, but in a post game interview, Manziel revealed the real reason for his absence from the game.

“I’ve had a hard time dropping some of my partying habits,” said Manziel in the interview, “I went a little crazy last night because I was pumped for the big game, and when I got hit, the headache from my hangover became unbearable so I had to come out of the game.”

Going 3-8 with only 32 yards, Manziel had another disappointing start, but is posed to start next week and should have more success, given that he is able to control his Saturday night drinking.

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