Inventory: Wigging out: 17 times horrible hairpieces ruined TV shows and movies

While wigs are sometimes a Hollywood necessity, bad wigs can ruin a whole production. One ratty skunk pelt slapped on the star of your $200 million blockbuster and your movie’s in the toilet, while audiences laugh you all the way to the Razzies. Even the best actor can’t overcome a bad wig, and many have tried, including pretty much the entire cast of the new movie The Big Short. Below, some of the wiggiest wigs in all of film and television, from Samuel L. Jackson’s snow white locks in Jumper to whatever garbage is plopped on Stephen Amell’s head in those Arrow flashbacks.

1. Taylor Lautner, Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Lautner, left, with the similarly unfortunate Kristen Stewart

Poor Taylor Lautner. The wigs in the Twilight movies were never good, but for whatever reason, Lautner always seemed to get saddled with the worst …

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