Inventory: Welcome to Nintendo Land: 14 attractions at the Nintendo theme park of our dreams

It was recently announced that Nintendo and Universal have entered into a partnership that will bring attractions based on the game-maker’s characters and series to Universal theme parks. No mention has been made of when those creations will start to appear or what they might look like, so we put on our Imagineering hats and dreamed up 14 totally plausible Nintendo-themed rides and attractions of our own. You’re welcome, Universal.

1. Ice Climbers‘ Rock Climbing Challenge

Stay fit and learn the thrill of cooperation! At the Ice Climbers‘ Rock Climbing Challenge, your strength and determination will be put to the test, both on the wall and on the ground. Work together to reach the highest heights. Watch your footing, and make sure to have each other’s backs! It’s not a competition, so do your best and help your friends succeed! Remember: Belaying for your partner is …

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