Inventory: Introducing Keith Hernandez: 20 athlete cameos that aren’t totally unwatchable

1. LeBron James, Trainwreck

Given the sheer volume of professional comedians that appear in the film—the cast list includes Bill Hader, Vanessa Bayer, Mike Birbiglia, Randall Park, Colin Quinn, and of course star Amy Schumer—it comes as quite the surprise that the biggest laugh-getter in all of Trainwreck might actually be LeBron James. In his first big-screen role, the Cavaliers all-star plays a version of himself, one who supplies customary rom-com best-friend advice to Hader’s smitten sports surgeon. That could have amounted to a glorified, self-congratulatory SNL cameo, were it not for the loopy character James develops—a celebrity totally convinced that he’s just another one of the guys, despite the fact that his attempts to commiserate with his buddy often end with inspirational stories to which only a rich-and-famous professional athlete could relate. (There’s also a great gag about him refusing to pick up …

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