Inventory: Hey, these bread crumbs are crack rocks: 9 subversive movies based on fairy tales

Lots of movies are obviously patterned after fairy tales, everything from Sydney White to The Beautician And The Beast. There are also a multitude of straight-on adaptations, like Disney’s new live-action Beauty And The Beast, which premieres Friday, March 17. But we’ve noticed that there are some films clearly based on fairy tales that never come right out and express that they are: more inspiration than imitation, if you will. So in honor of Beauty And The Beast, here’s our list of subversive fairy-tale movies, where if you dig a little beneath the surface, you’ll find a golden-haired home invader, a pack of dwarves, a wolf-like villain, and even a real, live boy.

1. Cinderella: Working Girl (1988)

In the Cinderella-esque Working Girl, tireless secretary Tess (Melanie Griffith) works her fingers to the bone for a number of horrific bosses, winding up with evil Katherine (Sigourney …

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