Inventory: Every in-joke and reference in WHAS: First Day Of Camp (part 1)

Much like its filmic predecessor, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp is full of deep references. While the original movie winked at everything from Meatballs to ’70s fonts, the new Netflix series takes things further, referencing not only era-appropriate media and clothing, but also dropping in little Easter eggs that shout out the original Wet Hot American Summer. Earlier this summer, The A.V. Club looked at the original movie’s send-ups and layers, but why stop there? Today and tomorrow, we’ll be plowing through all the references in every episode of the Netflix series, from “Campers Arrive” to “Day Is Done.” Grab a cold can of refreshing Tab and strap in as we tackle episodes one through four below. We’ll be back with five through eight tomorrow.

Episode 1, “Campers Arrive

0:08: Campfire opening credits

From the opening notes of Jefferson Starship’s “Jane …

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