Inventory: Before Feud: 8 places to start with Bette and Joan

Ryan Murphy’s Feud: Bette And Joan kicks off on Sunday, March 5, and is an intimate and intricate examination of the relationship between the two undisputed movie queens of Hollywood’s Golden Age: Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. The two were in competition for parts for years until finally co-starring in the 1962 gothic film What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?; Feud explores these complicated personalities coming together on the set of that movie. Murphy has sculpted an absolute love letter to the peak of Hollywood, with candy-colored sets belying the sinister forces afoot underneath to ensure that Bette and Joan remained at war.

So Feud will be a fun and fascinating watch regardless. But if you’re unfamiliar with these screen queens and are daunted by their extremely long filmographies, where’s the best place to start? The A.V. Club is here to help with four of …

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