Inventory: A new hope: 15 things The A.V. Club would like to see in the new Star Wars movies

Star Wars fans are notoriously demanding from the franchise they love and, in many ways, feel ownership of, after having spent so much of their lives invested in its universe. As Disney prepares to restart the saga, beginning with December’s The Force Awakens, that demand has similarly been reinvigorated, as fans still feeling let down by the prequels have been given a new hope that the next trilogy will restore their love of the series—and this time, live up to all their impossibly detailed expectations. The A.V. Club certainly has no shortage of those demanding Star Wars fans, and as we look ahead on this May 4, Star Wars Day, these are some of the things we’re most hoping to see in the films to come.

1. A return to magic

A long time ago, in a galaxy that once seemed much further away, the Force …

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