Interview: X-Files guest star Rhys Darby wants to believe

Most Americans will know Rhys Darby best from his turn as the awkwardly flailing manager of Flight Of The Conchords for several years on HBO. The comedian and actor has built up an impressive body of work over the years, however, doing stand-up, film, and television work, both internationally and in his native New Zealand. A whole new audience is about to encounter him, as the actor has a large and unusually distinctive guest-starring role in tonight’s episode of The X-Files, written by series MVP Darin Morgan, entitled “Mulder And Scully Meet The Were-Monster.” What was scheduled as a short interview about his character’s place in the show (spoiler-free, so fear not) quickly shifted into an unexpected and fascinating diversion into one of Darby’s passions: The existence of mythological creatures. He held court on Bigfoot, Yetis, and his own encounters with the unexplained.

The A.V. Club …

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