Interview: With Room 104, Mark and Jay Duplass introduce some chaos after Togetherness

It’s been well established that Mark and Jay Duplass love working together, even if, as younger brother Mark—who stars in Manhunt: Unabomber—put it recently at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, they “spiritually and emotionally unabomb” each other. But what excited the writer-producer brothers the most about their latest HBO project, Room 104, was the opportunity to work with and amplify the voices of lesser-known filmmakers and actors. Their anthology series is set in different periods—from Flashdance to the dial-up modem days—with a revolving cast, but all contained in one motel room. Some directors had a script from Mark Duplass to work from, while others came in with their own premises, but they all had free rein. The results are mixed, but that’s the nature of this anthology series, which actually provides the kind of “genre-less” setting the brothers were seeking. The A …

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