Interview: Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and cast discuss their creepy new show Outcast

With the juggernaut success of The Walking Dead, comics creator and writer Robert Kirkman has found himself much in demand, and not just for spinoffs of his groundbreaking undead series. This weekend sees the premiere of Outcast, the new supernatural horror drama based on his comic of the same name. (It’s airing June 3 on Cinemax, which means you’ve got another reason beyond The Knick and Banshee to subscribe.) The A.V. Club sat down with Kirkman, showrunner Chris Black, director Adam Wingard, and star Patrick Fugit to talk about filming the pilot, developing a story about demonic possessions, and how to shoot an exorcism in a way we’ve never seen before.

Shocking beginnings

AVC: The opening sequence of Outcast is startling. Between that and Walking Dead, which had an equally iconic shock opening, at what point do these striking moments occur to you? Do they lead …

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