Interview: The McElroys from My Brother, My Brother And Me talk dream projects and giant Scott Bakulas

For seven years now, brothers Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy have been dispensing terrible advice and excellent comedy as the hosts of the fan-beloved podcast My Brother, My Brother And Me. The nucleus of a small family empire of shows on the Maximum Fun podcasting network—including a Bachelor fan-cast, a medical history show, and The Adventure Zone, in which the trio plays Dungeons & Dragons with their dad, Clint—the show sees the three brothers take questions from the audience and mostly ignore them in favor of cracking jokes about horses, ghosts, haunted dolls, and whatever other obsessions are working their way through their minds. Now, the brothers McElroy are getting ready to launch the long-in-the-works TV version of the podcast, which debuts on Seeso on February 23. Talking with The A.V. Club, the brothers laid out the difficulties of adapting their format to TV, their dream projects …

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