Interview: The League cast and creators discuss what made the show work for 7 seasons

On Christmas Eve 2005, Jeff Schaffer kept sneaking away from dinner with his wife Jackie—telling her that he was getting sick from the food—just so that he could find out the score to his fantasy football championship game. When Jackie caught him doing this, there was nothing they could do but laugh. And a show was born. Or at least, the idea of a show.

Over the next several years, Jeff and Jackie started to put together the pieces of the puzzle that would soon become the improvisational comedy, The League, which airs its final episode after seven seasons on Wednesday, December 9, on FXX. The cast and creators of The League share how it all came together, what each person’s sensibility brought to the show, and Andre’s sense of fashion.

In the beginning

Jackie Schaffer: We were originally at HBO and they had sort of …

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