Interview: The directors of Spring on shooting in Italy, meeting Linklater, and bending genre

Directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead made their mark on the horror scene a couple of years ago with Resolution, an inspired meta-genre trifle that suggested promising careers to follow. With their sophomore effort, Spring, the budding auteurs have reaffirmed and built on the talent hinted at in their debut. Set in a picturesque Italian village, their follow-up is a tale of monstrous love between an American tourist and an enticing woman who harbors a secret not to be revealed in this introduction. Interspersed with plenty of conversation and introspection, the film feels similar in spirit to Richard Linklater’s Before trilogy—sans a train and nine years of separation. Moorhead and Benson have created the type of thematically dense and aesthetically invigorating genre picture we don’t receive often enough. Late last week, we spoke to the emerging filmmakers about the state of the horror genre, balancing the professional …

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