Interview: Ray McKinnon on saying goodbye to Rectify

This interview discusses the plot of Rectify‘s series finale, “All I’m Sayin’.”

Rectify was an unconventional television show, moving slower than most dramas and at times eschewing a central mystery—Did Daniel Holden (Aden Young) rape and murder Hanna Dean?—that other shows would base their entire runs on. The show, created (and frequently written and directed) by Ray McKinnon, ended its own run on Sundance TV tonight, and viewers are no closer to learning if Daniel is guilty or innocent. In a phone interview prior to the finale’s broadcast, The A.V. Club and McKinnon discussed the pressure of finding an ending, getting to see favorite characters one last time, and the impossibility of pleasing everyone.

The A.V. Club: Is this the ending you always had in mind?

Ray McKinnon: I’m not sure that I ever saw myself doing a television show for four …

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