Interview: Rashida Jones and Michael Schur talk about bringing funny to Black Mirror

Before Rashida Jones bid farewell to Parks And Recreation and beautiful tropical fish Ann Perkins, she regularly worked with that show’s creator Michael Schur. But for all the years of their long friendship—which started on their second day of college—they had never written with each another. That is, until they collaborated on “Nosedive,” one of the six episodes in Black Mirror‘s new season on Netflix. Though they would seem an odd pair for creator Charlie Brooker’s often-horrific anthology given their sitcom background, their sensibilities match this frequently funny installment that critiques our social media-obsessed culture.

The episode, directed by Anna Karenina‘s Joe Wright, takes place in a baby pink future where every human interaction is rated in an Uber-esque fashion. Bryce Dallas Howard plays Lacie, who is consumed with improving her standing in the social stratosphere. She needs to up her rating in order …

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