Interview: Ralph Bakshi on Kanye West, NYC, and his new short, Last Days Of Coney Island

After a two-decade long absence, legendary animator Ralph Bakshi recently returned to cinema with Last Days Of Coney Island, a 22-minute short chronicling a most bizarre love triangle deep in the heart of the historic Brooklyn beach town in the 1960s. With the help of his son Edward Bakshi, the 77-year-old director behind such video store favorites as Fritz The Cat, Coonskin, American Pop, Cool World, and his groundbreaking 1978 adaptation of The Lord Of The Rings, Bakshi funded the production through Kickstarter and premiered the film on Vimeo. Freed from demands of financial backers and studio suits, Last Days Of Coney Island is vintage Bakshi—a psychedelic swirl of blood, guts, body parts, stock footage of Steeplechase-era Coney Island, and a raw and uncompromising Fleischer Bros.-on-acid cartoon style in the vein of his personal masterpiece, Heavy Traffic.

Last Days Of Coney Island encapsulates everything that makes Bakshi a …

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