Interview: Phoebe Robinson on black hair and why she calls her vagina “Dolly Parton”

Though Phoebe Robinson has been toiling away in the comedy community for years, she didn’t have her big break until last year, when she launched the 2 Dope Queens podcast with her friend and co-host, Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams. The show, which is produced by WNYC, took off, and soon the two were headlining shows across the country and garnering all sorts of national attention. That led to Sooo Many White Guys, Robinson’s relatively new chat show podcast, and—tangentially at least—to Robinson’s new book, You Can’t Touch My Hair, which is out now. The A.V. Club talked to Robinson about her book, her crazy year, and the ridiculously sexist ending of Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Phoebe Robinson’s blooper reel from her audiobook

The A.V. Club: What made you want to write a book?

Phoebe Robinson: I started my blog, Blaria …

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