Interview: Our interview with Mississippi Grind’s Ben Mendelsohn gets personal

After three decades as a scene-stealing character actor, Ben Mendelsohn seems to be hitting his stride in 2015. From his dramatic turn in Slow West to his supporting role on the hit Netflix series Bloodline, the Australian-born performer no longer resides in the background. And with Mississippi Grind, Mendelsohn can be seen in almost every frame, visibly broken as Gerry, a degenerate gambler looking for one last score to undo what can’t be undone. Mendelsohn manages to seamlessly slip into the troubled psyche of an addict.

Full disclosure: This interview is unlike any other this writer has conducted. It was designed to be a traditional Random Roles, but when I met Ben at a coffee shop in L.A., the conversation went elsewhere. Soon we found ourselves ambling around a park in the middle of spring, discussing everything from marriage to fame to depression.

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