Interview: Nerdy meathead Jon Gabrus on straddling the bro/geek divide

On the one hand, Jon Gabrus is a 300-pound rugby goon who’s lifted weights competitively and grew up loving Opie And Anthony and The Howard Stern Show. On the other, he’s a veteran improviser and comedy geek. His work straddles a similar divide: one on side, bro-comedy shows like Guy Code and Wild ‘N Out, and on the other, a slew of comedy podcasts and recurring roles on shows like The Hotwives Of Las Vegas and Younger. Podcasting has been especially fruitful for Gabrus, who launched his own chatty show last year, High And Mighty, though he earned a lot of attention for his appearances on Earwolf shows, particularly Comedy Bang! Bang! after he debuted in 2013 as an intern from Long Island named Gino Lambardo and quickly became a fan favorite. This week, Gabrus continues to fly the “sensitive meathead” flag in the film 4th Man Out …

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