Interview: Memorizing jargon is the hardest part of Fred Savage’s return to acting

Playing Kevin Arnold on The Wonder Years, Fred Savage came of age alongside two separate generations: The baby boomers who grew up during the time period depicted on the show and the adolescent viewers in the same age bracket as Savage and his onscreen alter ego. Following The Wonder Years, Savage’s career underwent its own coming of age, as he went from toplining series like Working and Crumbs to directing shows that included It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Modern Family, and Party Down. And while his name will appear under the “directed by” credit on episodes of the upcoming Hulu series Casual, Savage’s biggest role this fall is that of Stewart Sanderson, attorney-at-law and brother of Dean “The Grinder” Sanderson (Rob Lowe), who isn’t a lawyer but who played one on TV. The Grinder marks Savage’s first series regular role in nearly a decade, casting …

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