Interview: Lena Dunham explains why Girls avoided the “traditional sitcom ending”

This post discusses plot points for the series finale of Girls.

And with a smile and a faint rendition Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car,” Girls is done. In the series’ final episode we find Hannah in Upstate New York adjusting (rather poorly) to motherhood. Marnie is by her side, but the type-A manner in which she approaches childrearing only grates on Hannah, who maintains the same level of self-involvement we’ve seen throughout the series. But it all concludes on an intentionally vague yet hopeful moment of bonding between Hannah and her infant, Grover, a quiet ending to a much-discussed show.

Dunham’s HBO project has always liked to experiment with form. And while the penultimate half hour brought together all of the main characters for what felt like a more traditional goodbye, the finale presents Hannah in a completely new context. The A.V. Club spoke with Dunham and …

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