Interview: Legion’s Jeremie Harris says the upcoming war is “much different than anyone can expect”

Tonight’s episode of Legion provides a proper introduction to Jeremie Harris’ Ptonomy, who we briefly met at the end of the pilot. He’s one of the mutants residing at the Summerland compound run by Melanie Bird (Jean Smart), and his powers as a “memory artist” allow him to both recall everything that has ever happened to him, and dig into other people’s pasts. In that sense, he has already been crucial in providing insight into David Haller (Dan Stevens), even though our hero is an extraordinary case. Speaking with The A.V. Club, Harris—like co-star Aubrey Plaza—teased a “crazy ride” ahead. For now, he talked with us about how he learned about his character’s powers and guessing who he could possibly be playing.

The A.V. Club: Ptonomy is called a “memory artist.” Are we just scratching the surface of what he can do …

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