Interview: Kris Mukai on self-publishing, stumpy characters, and representation in comics

Comics is experiencing another golden age. What’s exciting about this one is that it’s distinctly contemporary in scope: Artists are producing a wide range of work encompassing and experimenting with a variety of traditions, techniques, genres, styles, and formats. To many, comics is still a medium inextricably conflated with superheroes, but its significance and evolution as an art form continues to be propelled by self-published work, independent collectives, and publishing imprints. Even a cursory roll call of cartoonists making fresh and innovative comics today—Michael DeForge, Jillian Tamaki, Spike Trotman, Ron Wimberly, Jesse Jacobs, Eleanor Davis, and many more—underlines the richness and quality of comics’ current creative landscape.

Among these purveyors of excellent work is Brooklyn-based illustrator and cartoonist Kris Mukai. Mukai’s path has followed the traditional, independent creative’s route; she’s been making art and comics since she was a child, self-publishing, printing, and …

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