Interview: Jon Glaser on what makes him laugh, from Looney Tunes to Key & Peele

An actor and comedian that has popped up in everything from Girls to Trainwreck to Parks And Recreation this year, Jon Glaser has a knack for being a bit off-kilter. If he’s producing or creating something, it’s probably a little weird, and the world is better off for it. His latest project, for instance, is called Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter, and follows Glaser’s Neon Joe doing just what the title suggests—hunting down bloodthirsty werewolves. It’ll air as a five-part miniseries on Adult Swim starting tonight, and promises equal parts laughter and confusion.

Because Glaser’s aesthetic is so smart and singular, The A.V. Club thought it might be interesting to find out what he thinks is funny. Like Mike O’Brien before him, Glaser compiled a list of bits and sketches that he’s always enjoyed, and then we sat down with him to …

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