Interview: John Early and Kate Berlant don’t think anyone should date a Trump supporter

Every year here at The A.V. Club, we ask some of our favorite actors, musicians, and comedians to answer your romantic queries for Valentine’s Day. The results can be both dark and uplifting, and we hope we’re doing at least a little romantic service to our question-askers, if not the general reading publication.

This year we enlisted comedians and close friends Kate Berlant and John Early, late of Vimeo’s 555, for the task. They approached it with vigor and wit, and you’ll hopefully find their answers, below, to be both charming and a little educational.

Happy Valentine’s Day, A.V. Club readers. We love all of you.

Dear John and Kate,
I slept with a comedian on and off for a few months. He moved away and while he was gone I started doing stand-up. Now he’s back and I keep seeing him …

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