Interview: John Baizley discusses the simple beauty of “dad rock” and lists his favorite songs

In I Made You A Mixtape, we ask our favorite musicians, actors, writers, directors, or whatevers to strut their musical savvy: We pick a theme, they make us a mix.

The mixer: As the vocalist-guitarist for Baroness, John Baizley’s characteristics as a songwriter evoke an immediate sense that his influences cover a wide gamut of music. A respected visual artist—providing album art and T-shirt designs for groups ranging from Metallica to Gillian Welch—Baizley’s talents are not solely limited to his role as frontman. That same dexterity carries over to the music of Baroness, which has continually evolved with each release, with the band’s transition from what would largely be considered conventional metal to its most recent more straightforward rock ‘n’ roll approach. In the wake of the band’s tour bus plunging 30 feet during their U.K. tour in 2012, Baroness regrouped mentally and …

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