Interview: Jim Gaffigan may be talking out of his ass, but his show’s not what you think

It has been a long, long road for The Jim Gaffigan Show. Although the concept technically dates back to an animated idea Gaffigan and writing partner/wife Jeannie Gaffigan wrote for Fox at the turn of the millennium, in the more recent past, the show lived for years in various incarnations for NBC and CBS before ultimately landing on TV Land, that bastion of old reruns that has spent the past few years rebranding as a home for original series. As interminable as the journey was to get The Jim Gaffigan Show on the air, the comedian at the center of the show had plenty to keep him occupied—and successful: popular specials and albums (the last was 2014’s Obsessed), stand-up tours in large theaters, and two bestselling books, 2013’s Dad Is Fat and last year’s Food: A Love Story. So it wasn’t like everything hinged …

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