Interview: Jesus comes to Kristin Chenoweth in this week’s American Gods

Kristin Chenoweth’s American Gods character doesn’t have a come-to-Jesus moment in this Sunday’s season-one finale, “Come To Jesus.” That’s because the Jesuses come to her: As Easter—or rather the Germanic goddess Ostara—she hosts a gathering of Christs on her holiday.

Chenoweth—who worked with co-showrunner Bryan Fuller on the dearly departed Pushing Daisies—plays one of the last major characters to be introduced this season on American Gods. In the growing battle between the old gods and new, she describes her character as “Switzerland”—that is, until she “gets her hands dirty.” We spoke with Chenoweth when the show was premiering about what to expect.

The A.V. Club: Did Bryan Fuller just approach you and say, “I want you to do this?”

Kristin Chenoweth: Kind of. He called me. I was doing a show on Broadway at the time. I’d been trying …

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