Interview: Jamie Hector on loving The Wire and building his own backstory for Marlo

When it comes to a show as gritty as The Wire, the suggestion that it might look better in HD might’ve caused some fans to balk, fearing that the process might somehow accidentally damage the magic. But if any of those fans have been fortunate enough to see how the series looks now, they’re no doubt apologizing for ever questioning HBO’s decision to go the extra mile. In conjunction with the HD upgrade, Jamie Hector—who played Marlo Stanfield—reflected on his time on The Wire, discussing how he came into the series, how much effort he put into building his character’s backstory, and why he never worried about the lack of awards won by the show.

AV Club: So what were your first thoughts when you heard that they were going to be remastering The Wire for HD?

Jamie Hector: My first thought was, “It …

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