Interview: Hannibal Buress on his new show and newfound celebrity

Hannibal Buress got started in the comedy business by fairly standard means, writing for Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock, but it’s smaller, riskier projects that have brought him his biggest successes, thanks to a willingness to question conventional wisdom, an uncanny grasp of what goes viral on the internet, and his very low-key (but very real) double-threat talents as a writer and performer. To comedy geeks, he’s famous for the long-running showcase he booked at the Brooklyn indie rock club Knitting Factory, where raw up-and-comers rubbed elbows with drop-in guests like Dave Chappelle and Method Man. To millennials with edgy comedic tastes he’s best known as Ilana Glazer’s infinitely chill dentist boyfriend Lincoln on Broad City, the laconic co-host of The Eric Andre Show, and the PTSD-suffering stand-up in a particularly intense episode of the weed-centric web series High Maintenance. And to many people who …

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